About Inland Northwest SMACNA

We are the Inland Northwest Chapter of the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association. This Chapter represents signatory contractors of SMWIA union local 55 in the Northeastern and Southeastern Washington/Northeastern Oregon/Boise and Northern Idaho areas. If you are seeking a qualified contractor in these areas, check out our membership.

Safety Standards
  • •They are also known for having a workforce that is well aware of the importance of safety.
  • •Typically, Inland Northwest SMACNA contractors' lost-workday incidence rates decrease as hours worked increase. This is a tribute to their management safety programs and high quality workforce.
  • • Nearly 70 percent of SMACNA contractors have a formal drug and alcohol abuse program. Contractors with substance abuse testing programs experience significantly fewer lost workday cases
  • • Ninety-two percent of SMACNA contractors have a written safety and health program
  • • Ninety-one percent have a designated safety coordinator within their organization
  • • Nearly 90 percent of SMACNA contractors conduct safety inspections, an excellent way to identify safety hazards as an injury prevention method.
  • • Nearly all companies use toolbox talks and video training aids, such as those available through SMACNA. Most companies conduct safety-training sessions on a weekly basis.
  • •SMACNA contractors take great pride in the safety and well being of their employees and in the quality work they perform on a daily basis.